Standing Strong for the Alliance

Covert Alliance Warhawks


The Covert Alliance Warhawks (acronym C.A.W.) are a group of militants devoted to the Grand Alliance, and act as a counter-offensive group against the Horde in the Northlands. Presently the group works to secure alliances with the various factions in the North through mutual protection between themselves, and factions like the League of Arathor.

After troop motions within the Alterac Mountains by the Forsaken, the Warhawks aim to push the Horde from the mountains to prevent them from raising another stronghold. C.A.W. is a dedicated group of Alliance militants who seek to eradicate the Horde. Seven Horde bases encroach upon Alterac, therefore C.A.W. must regain control of the land and purge the infidels.


A party of five will enter a battleground. Should the Alliance win the battleground, then one of the Horde campsites will lose 1 health point. Should the Horde win the battleground, then one of the Alliance campsites will lose 1 health point. At every event, those participating will run five battlegrounds. A tally of health points for each Alliance and Horde base will be kept up-to-date on this document. C.A.W. events will take place every other Saturday at 8:00 or 9:00 P.M. server time. A badge will be awarded in-character to those who actively participate in three C.A.W. events.

This system is also used for other PvP styled events in other locales. Any details for events outside of the norm for C.A.W will be specified during the event, or in the event description. 


The Battlemap for the Covert Alliance Warhawks consists of all major Alliance and Horde bases within the Alterac Mountains. The map is ever-shifting, and important sites and bases are consistently assaulted on either side. It is up for the Covert Alliance Warhawks to come to the defense of these areas, and to undo the Horde bases within the regions outside of Alterac Valley. 

The Alliance Encampments include: (1) Citywall Garrison, (2) Slaughter Hollow Encampment, (3)Crushed Ridge, (4) Uther’s Stand, (5) Gallows’ Ledge, (6) Mountains’ Heart Keep, (7) Sofera’s Watch.

The Horde Encampments include: (1) Blightledge, (2) Slaughter Ridge, (3) Lordamere Coast, (4) City Limits, (5) The Growless Garrison, (6) Tarren Mill, (7) Frostwolf Holdout.

This is the standard map for every Warhawk encounter in Alterac. But the needs of the Alliance can also guide them outside of the region. These areas noted are key points in the Alterac Mountains at some of the most defensible points in the region.



Covert Alliance Warhawks badged are awarded to individuals who have proven themselves on the battlefield and deserve to be recognized for their valiant deeds. As a Warhawk assists in aiding the Alliance within Alterac, they are eligible to receive these badges as a sign of pride, respect, and loyalty to the Alliance at-large. There are more badges to come in the near future. 


The militant has proven himself or herself worthy to fight on the battlefield and protect his brethren. The service award is granted to those who participate in a trio of operations with the Covert Alliance Warhawks at minimum, solidifying their entry into the group.


The militant has proven himself or herself as a strong and virtuous soldier of the Covert Alliance Warhawks. Due to their service, he or she may be awarded the Badge of Valor for their dedication and resolve to the military.I need to to think of some fluff text for this spot to help with


The militant has proven himself or herself as a formidable foe against the wretched Horde. Due to their dedicated service to the Alliance, he or she may be awarded the Badge of Honor for their admirable devotion to the military.

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