The Citrine Eagle utilize a d20 system with customizable stats and character augments for personal customization and guild progression. Players can make their own personal character sheet to augment their rolls and mold their character how they like using items that can be earned over time. The character statistics sheet and items are one of the most important parts of integrating to the guild, and we highly reccomend that you craft a character sheet first and foremost. Below are things you need to know for events, and constructing the character sheet.

Feel free to bring any questions to the guild officers.


Knowing the ropes


Combat in the Citrine Eagle is tailored to varying and ranging success during turns to promote variety, and engagement in the midst of an event. In its simplest form, these ranges of success are as follows:

Natural 1: Critical Failure (Take 1 Damage)
2-5: Failure (Miss, Dodge, Deflect, FAILED Strike)
6-10: Minor Success (1 Damage Dealt)
11-16: Moderate Success (2 Damage Dealt)
17+: Great Success! (3 Damage Dealt)
Natural 20: Crit! Deal 4 Damage 

This is the guilds roll system in its most basic form. If you are new to the system, at an event and in a pinch to learn about it this is the biggest part you need to understand! 


Both members of Citrine Medical, and non-members use this for basic healing. All healing rolls use the Wisdom modifier for those who have stats sheets.

1-7: Failure (no healing dealt)
8-14: Minor Success (+1 to one target)
15-19: Moderate Success (+2 hp to one target)
20+: Great Success! (+3 to one target)
Natural 20: Crit! (+4 HP and healing is spread to another target) 

It should be kept in mind that you can only heal, or do damage during a round. You can only pick one, and these heals can only be used on one target. 


Members who join the Citrine Medical team become healers, and all rolls heal at least 1 health, along with a multi-target healing kit with its thresholds noted below. This form of  healing has a 2 round cooldown!

1-5: “EH” (+1 to one target)
6-10: Minor Success (+1d3 hp to two targets)
11-15: Moderate Success (+1d3 hp to three targets)
16-19: Great Success! (+1d4 hp to four targets)
20+: Heroes never die! (+3d2+wisdom HP to six targets) 

Rolling higher than an 8 can revive a player with 1 HP, and rolling higher than a 15 revives a player with +2 HP. 


Players can augment their rolls in d20 through building out a statistics sheet. Statistics directly effect the outcome of your rolls in most situations in a d20 event as modifiers. Baseline, one of these stats will be classified as your primary stat which will give a +3 modifier, a secondary stat (+2 modifier) and a tertiary stat (+1 modifier). They can be further altered through items. 


Constitution is the primary statistic to gain hit points. A player begins with a base of 6 health, and if they choose to place stat bonuses into Constitution, they also gain hit points. It can also be used for will saves.


Strength is the primary stat for major actions involving heavy weapons, moving big objects, picking things up, and putting things down. It can also be used for intimidation, as well as grappling and tackling enemies to subdue them. 

Examples of weapons effected by this statistic: One and Two-Handed Swords, Shields, Great Axes, One and Two-Handed Maces, Polearms, Halberds, and Pole-Axes.


Dexterity is the primary stat for weapons that require quick sleight of hand, and great prowess such as daggers, bows, guns, and staves. It can also be used to avoid quick swings, or falling objects.

Examples of weapons effected by this statistic: Daggers, ranged weapons (including Bows, Crossbows, Guns, and Pistols), Staves (when used in melee combat), One-Handed Axes, and One-Handed Swords. It can also be used for unarmed combat.


Intelligence is the primary stat for casting spells that deal damage, and resisting magical effects. It can also be used to help learn about items, perceive magics, and grant buffs to the group.

Some other examples of what Intelligence can be used for are research and discovery, as well as use of any engineering based items and weaponry that are not guns.


Wisdom is the primary stat for all healing abilities. It can also be used to perceive most sounds, movements, and clues, including but not limited to animal tracks, symbols, and loud noises.

Wisdom is also the main stat for perception checks, and first aid outside of regular healing (since all healing is intertwined).


Money! Women! Loot! The Citrine Eagle employs an item system to introduce customization of personal statistics and abilities. These items can be earned through purchase from the Guild’s armory, or can be earned during an event storyline. They allow you to cuztomize your character and select from a wide range of items to suit your preferences. 

Players can buy items from the guild Armory, which is updated with new items to choose from frequently. The items cost Badges of Triumph, which are earned through participation in guild activities, special missions, and writing projects. 

Below you’ll find a direct link to the currently list of items the guild has on-offer. 

Armory Catalog

You’re up!

Now’s your chance to get started and build your own character sheet! The links below will navigate you to our forums for templates, guidelines, and examples to set up your own character for d20 events. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask an officer about something you don’t understand!

Stat sheet Template
d20 combat Guide
Item and Triumph Badge Guide
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