First and foremost, the Statistics sheet is the most important part of making any D20 event a fun and interactive experience. The stat sheet is a simple tool used to track a player’s statistics and items. It looks like this:



Item I:
Item II:
Item III:
Item IV:

This first part of the guide is to teach you how to fill out this stat sheet, which you can either save somewhere on your roleplay profile in-game for easy access, or on our D20 forum.


Health for all players begins at 4, and can be raised through placing more points into your “Constitution” statistic. Since you can add up to a +3 in any stat, you can at most have 7 health before boosts with items.

Custom Stats

The 5 stats are Strength(Str), Dexterity (Dex), Intelligence(Int) , Wisdom (Wis),  and Constitution (Con). One of these stats will be classified as a major stat which will give a +3 modifier, a moderate stat (+2 modifier) and a minor stat (+1 modifier).


Items are a means to augment your character’s abilities and statistics to your liking. Players can purchase items from the Columbary, and as many as they like. Players can only have 4 items equipped at any given time.

For more information, please read the Item Overview.

Gaining stats

Armor up and grow more powerful


The five stats used in the Citrine Dice system are Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Intelligence (Int) , Wisdom (Wis), and Constitution (Con).

One of these stats will be classified as a major stat which will give a +3 modifier, one which will be moderate stats (+2 modifier) and one which will be considered a minor stat +1 modifier.

Health for all players begins at 4, and can be raised through placing more points into your Constitution statistic. Since you can add up to a +3 in any stat, you can have 7 health base.

Items can further enhance these modifiers as they are acquired by players. 


Strength is the primary stat for major actions involving heavy weapons, moving big objects, picking things up, and putting things down. It Can also be used for intimidation.


Dexterity is the primary stat for weapons that require quick sleight of hand, and great prowess such as daggers, bows, guns, and staves. It can also be used to avoid quick swings, or falling objects.


Intelligence is the primary stat for casting spells that deal damage, and resisting magical effects. It can also be used to help learn about items, perceive magics, and grant buffs to the group.


Wisdom is the primary stat for all healing abilities. It can also be used to perceive most sounds, movements, and clues, including but not limited to animal tracks, symbols, and loud noises.


Constitution is the primary statistic to gain hit points. A player begins with a base of 4 health, and if they choose to place stat bonuses into Constitution, they also gain hit hit points. It can also be used for will saves.


Items are purchased from the Columbary, which is the IC shop managed by the Columbary Quartermaster. The current Quartermaster is Bakuzan Burlycloud. Any queries about purchasing items should be directed to the Quartermaster, who will facilitate IC purchases through either the #talongrab-ic channel in the Discord, or through the in-game representation of the Columbary in Talongrab, Alterac.

  • Items have an innate ranking system that determines their price and worth. The three ranks are: S, A and B.

    • S ranked items cost 10 badges (up to 25 in special cases).

    • A ranked items cost 5 badges.

    • B ranked items cost 3 badges.

Item ranking and cost is dependent on the effects of the item. B ranked items are normally situational-based items. A ranked items are normally modifier-changing items. S ranked items are normally bonus-roll/extra damage/healing items.

Credits to Bakuzan for her hard work on the Columbary, and item system.


Items are purchased with Triumph Badges, an IC currency. Triumph Badges are earned through participation in Citrine Eagle events. This can mean either attending d20 events outright, or participating in the writing prompts on the #taskboard channel in the Discord.

The first event or task you complete for the week gives you a bonus three badges. This bonus only applies to the first event or task you attend/complete. All other tasks or events will give one (1) unless announced. This resets every Monday of the week.

It is the responsibility of the player to keep track of how many Badges they’ve earned and carried throughout the implementation of this inventory system. They can keep track either on their d20 sheet in Dicemaster, or in their TRP. There is currently no cap on Badges carried, spent or earned throughout the week. If the opportunity is there to earn a badge, do it! There’s no limit to tasks/events attended.

Triumph Badges are spent at the Columbary, the IC storehouse where the most powerful items in the Eagles’ arsenal are doled out to the worthy.

    • The Columbary’s stock is updated once per week (on Tuesdays).

    • Items stay current in the Columbary, unlike the Taskboard; once added to the stock, they can be purchased, even if the item wanted is not in the current week’s offerings.

    • Once purchased, an item cannot be returned to the Columbary.

    • Items purchased are soulbound and cannot be given to other players.

    • Badges earned are soulbound and cannot be given to other players.

Item pricing and rank are subject to change based on tweaking of the items’ effects as they’re tested and used during combat scenarios. If an item is changed after it’s purchased and the user doesn’t like what it’s become, if it’s drastically changed in scope, they can get a refund of their badges to spend on another item currently in the Columbary’s stock.


Only four items may be equipped at any given time. A player can stockpile as many items as they want to purchase through the Columbary, there are hundreds, but they may only equip four at any given time.

There are slots to items, as well – Headpiece, Chest, Waist, Neckpieces, Ring, Trinket, Boots and Gloves. Each item sold through the Columbary or submitted by players must have a slot designation. Players can ‘double up’ on Headpieces, Neckpieces, Rings, and Trinkets, but cannot with Waist, Chest, Boots or Gloves items.

Players will keep track of the items they have equipped once they choose to equip them through their RP addons of choice.

  • If you’re using Dicemaster, place one item in each ‘page’ of your five pages. Reserve the last slot for your d20 sheet and put your stats in that sheet.
  • If you’re using TRP to keep track of your items equipped, list them in a separate section named ‘Inventory’ to keep them distinct from your profile description.

If the item is a flat modifier increase, then the player can always add their total to any additional attack rolls that a secondary item might affect. Items with triggered on-uses have alternating-round cooldowns implemented. There are also One Time Use items that can only be utilized once per event. If you purchase one of these items with your Triumph Badges, be mindful of their effects and cooldown timers.

You incorporate your items’ effects by rolling and then adding their bonuses in like you would a modifier, or by following the rules laid out in the description of the item. If you don’t want to mess with any of this math at all and just want flat bonuses to your attack/defense/heals, then go for Basic items that increase your modifiers. All base rolls that break a non-natural (with modifiers) 20 cap out at -3 damage dealt maximum, unless indicated by the item to do additional flat damage.


Below are three character statistics sheets oriented towards particular roles that are critical to a standard group’s success. These are examples of how players can customize their statistics, and modify their characters capabilities using items. These example sheets are also set in stages of progress to show development over time. This sheet can be translated into a players TRP3 profile, on our D20 forum, or as a custom statistics sheet using the DiceMaster addon.


Name: Andurius Soulrender
Division: Icewing Brigade
Health: 7

Strength: +2
Dexterity: +1
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 0
Constitution: +3 

Item I: 
Crown of Leaves:
Gain an extra +1HP from healing originating in the school of Nature.

Item II:
Life Charm:
When brought back to life through Saving Grace, restore all of your HP, regardless of number of kits used on you.
Item III: Empty!
Item IV: Empty!


Name: Jenifleur Wyther
Division: Silver Hand
Health: 6

Strength: 0
Dexterity: +1
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: +3
Constitution: 0

Item I:
Bronze Yu’lon Circlet:
Gain a +1 to healing base rolls.
Item II:
Life Charm:
When brought back to life through Saving Grace, restore all of your HP, regardless of number of kits used on you.
Item III:
Healer’s Garb:
One Time Use: Single-target heal one player equivalent to 1d3+Wisdom; no kits required.
Item IV: Empty!


Name: Erinali Ainsworth
Division: M.A.N.A.
Health: 6

Strength: 0
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 0
Constitution: +1 (+2,-1) = +2

Item I:
Circlet of Mental Onslaught:
-1 Constitution
Gain an additional +1 bonus to roll results when using Intellect and Wisdom modifiers.

Item II:
Luminary Ring:
Replace a 1d20+Wisdom perception roll with 1d20 + Wisdom + 1d(Intelligence).
Item III:
Amulet of the Unbroken:
Use this power would you would be reduced to 0HP. Instead, stand back up with 1HP.
Item IV:
Armor of Eyes:
+2 Constitution
Gain +3 to all perception check roll results.