Priests and Paladins of the Holy Order are infused with, and tap into the ever-present light around them. Because of this, with each successful attack, the Light invigorates the supplicant of the Light to be able to cast powerful spells to reap terrible havoc and dispense justice and protection on the battlefield.

Members of Silver Hand gain a special resource known as Holy Power. Players have a pool of 5 Holy Power to gain in the same vein as in-game. Each successful minor attack gives the caster +1 to their Holy Power, which they can use to spend on several abilities that are listed in the Order’s Handbook.


These are abilities you can use your Holy Power on.

Aegis of Light (3 Holy Power)

Channel an Aegis of Light that protects you, and all allies behind you for the next enemy phase. Everyone behind you will take no damage in the next enemy phase. (The Dungeon Master places a marker behind the caster to dictate where the protective barrier will encompass)

Atonement (3 Holy Power)

Deal a devastating attack onto a selected target using a 1d8 roll. When the target is struck, the caster can select friendly targets around that enemy to split the same amount of damage done in health to their allies.

Pain Suppression (2 Round Cooldown)

Consume all of your Holy Power stored, and use that power to protect yourself or an ally to mitigate damage equivalent to the amount of Holy Power spent. If the target absorbs less damage than the pain suppression blocks, they are healed for the difference. (Can be used in Enemy Phase)

Clarity (5 Round Cooldown)

Consume all of your Holy Power stored, and use those powers to gain clarity in combat, and in healing. For each Holy Power spent, you gain one player phase with +2 to your healing and damage spells.

Avenging Wrath (2 Day Cooldown)

Consume all of your Holy Power stored, and unleash the powers of the Holy Light upon those around you. You can deal Holy Power x2 in damage or healing separated by the choice of the user.


Members of the Magical Association of New Alterac gain mana as a resource. Each player gets a set amount of Mana at the beginning of an assignment or mission, and the base Mana pool is 10 Mana. Mana cannot be replenished passive during events, but it can be replenished using Mana potions that are earned as loot during events.

Each spell will cost a specific amount of Mana, and the more powerful the spell, the higher the Mana cost. These spells can be found in the Spellbook below.


These are abilities you can use your Mana on.

Empowerment (2 Mana)

Exert a good amount of mana and energy to increase the effectiveness of your next attack or heal! Using this ability will double your damage or healing for one attack phase.

Magical Cleave (3 Mana)

Select a target to become the target of a massive attack. Your target takes the brunt of your attack, and all other enemies take damage from excess magic. Your target takes the normal amount of damage that it would from one of your attacks, but in addition, 2 damage is dealt to all other enemies.

Barrier (1 Mana)

Use a small portion of your mana to create a protective barrier around yourself. Instead of attacking, you cast this protective spell over yourself to reduce damage taken. The barrier negates one damage, and it can be stacked if one does not take damage during the next enemy phase.

Crowd Control (1 Mana)

Interrupt your spellcasting to take away the fighting capability of an enemy target for one round. This can be by way of a polymorph, druidic roots, or anything that temporarily incapacitates the enemy.

Regeneration (2 Mana)

Take an attack round to focus on your health, using your mana to create a makeshift way to heal your wounds. This is placed on one attack phase, and you regenerate one health for your current attack phase and three attack phases after it.

The Icewing Brigade

Icewings use a resource called rage to perform incredible feats of combat prowess in battle. For every one point of damage received or dealt, an Icewing gain half a point of rage. An Icewing can have a maximum pool of ten rage.

Icewings use a second resource called energy to perform feats of strength in battle. Icewings start out with a full pool of three energy every event. One energy point is replenished at the end of a player phase.

Icewing Training Book

All Icewings carry a small paper pamphlet with certain combat combinations and moves drawn and described in detail. Icewings can perform these abilities for rage points.

Shared Abilities

Show Weakness (1 Rage)
The Icewings pulls back for one round and examines their opponent. (DM will then provide info about how to get bonuses to damage or rolls for that specific enemy) Can only be used 3 times an event.

Counter Attack (1 Rage)
If an Icewing fails to do damage, they still manage to make a quick counter attack and deal one damage to their opponent.

Distraction/Disable (4 Rage)
Create a distraction to direct your opponents attention elsewhere for one round -or- stun your opponent for one round. Both moves prevent the target from attacking next round. Can only be used three times per an event.

Tactical Advantage (5 rage)
Use your environment to your advantage. Destroy a nearby structure, jump on rocks to get closer to your enemies, get the high ground. (Be Creative!) +2 to any attempts related to the environment. Outcome is DM’s discretion.

Heroic Feat (10 Rage, 48 Hour Cooldown)
An Icewing goes all out and gives it their all. The Icewing gains +5 to an attack roll.

Evasion (3 Energy, 24 Hour Cooldown)
An Icewing can escape or resist any effects that hinder or slow movement. (Can be limited at DM’s discretion)

Poison Enemy (2 energy)
An Icewing poisons an enemy, their next successful attack deals +1 extra damage for two rounds.

Subterfuge Abilities

Stealth (3 Energy)
Slip into the shadows and disappear from sight. While stealthed the Icewing cannot be attacked unless they are detected. While stealthed Icewings are granted +1 damage for attack rolls. Once an Icewing attacks or is detected, they are out of stealth.(Can be limited or used at DM’s discretion)

Kick (2 Energy, 3 Round Cooldown)
Kick a boss or enemy with casting mechanics to interrupt them for one round.

Defender Abilities

Ignore Pain (3 Rage)
Allows the Icewing to ignore 1 point of damage for 3 rage after an enemy phase. Can be used several times in one round. The damage that is ignored will not count towards rage points.

Deflect (2 Energy, 3 Round Cooldown)
Deflect an enemy’s damage back at them. The player takes half damage and deals back full damage to the enemy. Used during enemy phase.

Ranged Abilities

Eagle Eye (6 Rage)
An Icewing gains +2 damage for all ranged attacks that round.

Headshot (3 Energy + Two Uses per a Day)
An Icewing focuses, stunning themselves for one round and then gains +3 to damage for the next round and stunning the target for the next round.

Melee Abilities

Berzerk (6 rage)
An Icewing goes berzerk, dealing +2 damage for all melee attacks that round.

Whirlwind (3 Energy + Two Uses per a Day)
An Icewing slashes around themselves, gaining +2 damage and equally distributing all damage to nearby enemies.