The preliminary division for all entering Eagles, the Snowcaps consist of the bright eyed bushy tailed newbies looking to find a home within one of the divisions. While within the Snowcaps, they have the freedom to venture and explore each division within the Citrine Eagle to find their place within the ranks of the flock. 

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The Icewing Brigade is the paramilitary force of The Citrine Eagle, composed of brave fighters who are willing to take to the front lines or help support The Eagles in battle. While not a professional army, it welcomes soldiers from a broad range of backgrounds into it’s ranks as an opportunity to help expand their potential, and improve their craft as The Brigade travels the reaches of Azeroth and beyond in search of new fighting styles and crafts.

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The Magical Association of New Alterac is the governing body of magical regulation and practice within The Citrine Eagle. Also known as M.A.N.A. the group dedicates itself to using all forms of magic to help the people within Alterac. The Association employs any magically adept user, or those who seek to hone and train in the magical arts. Members can often be found studying within The Sanctum, holding debates at The Perch Inn, or out in the world searching for magical relics and knowledge that may benefit The Eagles.

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As a Knight of The Silver Hand, you are charged with expressing respect for all that lives, hold unfaltering faith, and assist others where and when direly needed under the guidance of The Three Virtues, respect, tenacity, and compassion. Entering The Silver Hand offers aspiring Paladins the chance to enter The Order of The Silver Hand, The Alterac Chapter and serve alongside their bretheren in the name of the Light.

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Citrine Medical

Chief: Lona Malphur

The first line of salvation for the wounded, harmed and ill; Citrine Medical is a division tailored for all proficient in all styles of healing. On the front lines, the members of Citrine Medical work together in order to aid the members of the Order who are not so lucky and find themselves being harmed in the line of fire. Under the direction of their Captain, Citrine Medical dispenses healing in a quick and efficient manner.

Away from the field of battle, Citrine Medical houses its day-to-day operations within the infirmary of Talongrab Keep, where they aid the long term wounded, terminally ill, and those in need of non-immediate medical attention. 

the Inquisition

high inquisitor:

position vacant

The Alterac Inquisition is the Orthodox interrogation force within the Alterac Mountains. They exist to protect the spiritual integrity of those who practice the Holy Light’s teachings, and while doing so investigate into matters under the direction of the Matriarch.

Investigation outings can consist of long term research into certain individuals, as well as interrogation through generally accepted Inquisitorial means. This also means that the Inquisition shall sometimes need to work hand in hand with the Wardens, to ensure candidates for interrogation are safely brought for inquisition. Anyone who is deemed worthy by the faithful and can concede to the burdens of the inquisition may join their ranks.

COVERT Alliance warhawks


Jezebel debray

The Covert Alliance Warhawks (acronym C.A.W.) are a group of militants devoted to the Grand Alliance, and act as a counter-offensive group against the Horde in the Northlands. Presently the group works to secure alliances with the various factions in the North through mutual protection between themselves, and factions like the League of Arathor. After troop motions within the Alterac Mountains by the Forsaken, the Warhawks aim to push the Horde from the mountains to prevent them from raising another stronghold.

the Infiltrators

Captain: Sereli MORSIN

The Infiltration Unit of the Icewing Brigade consists of the most dexterous of the Legion. Those who enter are expected to do their work silently, and many of their more covert operations will be utilized to benefit the Eagle’s with pre-battle information gathering, scouting, and espionage.

Snipers, rangers, rogues, and druids who better utilize their feral forms would more than likely find their place within the ranks of the Infiltration unit. As would illusionists, and those who are gifted in bartering.

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