The Citrine Eagle is a paramilitary force within the Alterac Mountains. With the lasting legacy of treachery that plagues the area from the defunct Kingdom of Alterac, the Citrine Eagle seeks to use the area as a staging ground to exemplify the best of humanity, and Alterac has had to offer throughout its history. From the rugged Alteraci in the days of Ignaeus the Trollbane, to the legacy of General Hath, who placed the fate of humanity before any single kingdom; the Citrine Eagle seeks to bring to light these legends of old, and use their legacy as an example of great tenacity and human spirit to better forge a fearsome force of Azerothian protectors to serve wherever a threat may lurk.


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Since the fall of the Kingdom of Alterac, the lands have been plagued with turmoil from various factions claiming the lands since King Aiden Perenolde’s treachery. But with the efforts of the Citrine Eagle fighting under the banner of a pretender, they were subject to the tyrant Kings rule. Bending a knee to a man who shrugged off responsibility to indulge in his own worldly desires, and forced others to act upon his hatreds. Burdens fell upon these tempered tossed as time and time again their supposed King failed them. But one day, it would all change. Unfit to rule he was, and the lawmen of Alterac deemed his claim to the throne illegitimate.

Though this would not stop the tyrant, forcing others into a civil war that rocked the lands of Alterac, but — only briefly. For soon the Paladin order rose up, gaining favor within the lands of the misbegotten souls plunged into civil war and took in those who would rally under a new banner. But not only Paladins directed this new beginning. From all walks of life in the mountains, the soldiers and priests, mages and druids banded together in a union. Guided by the Light and Virtue, the men and women of the Citrine Eagle united the pioneers within Alterac to spark a new dawn. Unified under one banner, the heralds of a new age sought to rectify the mistakes beset upon them by their old leader.

With their new position within the lands of Alterac, the Citrine Eagle host any who would heed the call to the Alterac Mountains. From the Valley, to the City, the Citrine Eagle fight on to create a foothold for the Alliance in the northern reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms.

A New Frontier

conquering the northlands


Talongrab is the staging ground for Citrine Eagle operations in the Northlands which lies east of Alterac Valley. Once a fief within the old Kingdom of Alterac under the rule of the first Matriarch’s blood, the fief fell into disarry as the Kingdom fell, and the Lords were stripped of their claims. With the onset of war in the valley, and a brewing desire for the Alliance to expand, the lands were reclaimed under Citrine Eagle rule and protection for a new age of pioneers. The area consists of Talongrab, and the Bearlands in the mountains northeast of Strahnbrad.

The Alterac Mountains

A land marred by strife and war, the Alterac Mountains once held one of the seven kingdoms of humanity. From the Trollbane bloodline, to the honorable General Hath, the Mountains held heroes of humanity until the fall of the Kingdom through the treachery of their last King Aiden Perenolde. The downfall of the Kingdom led to the rise of criminals, ogres, and the many perils that lurk Alterac. But as the Age of Chaos loomed, the Stormpike Dwarves arrived, and onset a great battle with the Orcish Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley; leaving the land beset by conflict. 


Alterac Mountains

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Stand against treachery

Inner strife

the knights of perenolde


victory in unity


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