The Magical Association of New Alterac (also known as M.A.N.A) is the governing body of magical regulation and practice within the Citrine Eagle. The group is led by the co-chairmen Jolaini Reneigh, and Valantus Feust The Association employs anyone who proves to be magically adept, or seeking to train in the magical arts. The group is also charged with the taking and protecting of any magical items the Citrine Eagle might come across.


Once dubbed the “Citrine Flame”, the idea for a new mages guild came about when the extremely brief function of another mages guild within Alterac quickly fell flat due to a lack of participation. On several occasions, singular mages had sought to take up the charge of pushing for a mages section – which never culminated into much more than giving the magically adept a placeholder in the Order.

However, in its latest interpretation, a board of mages has pledged its allegiance to the Citrine Eagle for the betterment of the group as a whole. Having taken footnotes from the failures and shortcomings of the old “Citrine Flame”, M.A.N.A formed to function as a magical board to protect the Citrine Eagle.

In their continued pursuit of magical collaboration within the Alterac region the M.A.N.A council has recently begun to allow users of all magics into their ranks.






Meetings & Events

The Association holds a consistent bi-weekly meeting of the membership wherein the members devise ways in which to advance the mission of the association. Sometimes these meetings take place as a round table discussion amongst the co-leaders and membership, other times the Association will head off as a group to conduct field research or meet with other magically inclined organizations across azeroth.

During round table discussions Each member of the Association gets equal say in the proceedings of the meeting. Members are allowed to make suggestions for new policies, practices, or directions that the Association should take. All policy is to be approved by the co-chairmen before it is taken to the Matriarch for approval.

During field activities the membership of M.A.N.A. will work together in advancing their own skills and those of the group as a whole. this could be anything from a pursuit of knowledge, combat training, or relic aquisition.

When meeting with other organizations members will serve as ambassadors of not just the association but the Citrine Eagle as a whole.  the members of mana will do their best to make their guests feel welcome within the walls of talongrab and we share with our allies. they will also serve the same role when visiting organizations outside of Alterac.