Order of Hath’s Stand


The Holy Order of Hath’s Stand is a Light-sworn order of Paladins and Priests from the Alterac Mountains devoted to the preservation of Hath’s Stand; a memorial cemetery made for fallen Alteraci who remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. Hath’s Stand acts as the icon of faith to the Order as they set out to undo the embrace of evil from the reaches of the world on a Light blessed call. The Order devotes itself to upholding the tenets of the Holy Light in all aspects as they aid the Citrine Eagle in defending pioneers within Alterac, and dispense justice to the perils that wander within the Mountains.

Comprised of the Alterac Silver Hand, and the Clerics of Eagle’s Perch, the Order acts as the foundation of faith within Alterac. All the while preserving the good name of General Hath, the Alteraci commander who helped the Alliance against the Orcs in the Second War in spite of Aiden Perenolde’s orders to stay out of the Orcs way. To the Holy Order, he is a testament to loyalty and faith — in spite of his broken oath to the traitor King.

The Order is sworn to help reclaim the bodies of the fallen Alteraci of the Second War wherever they may be, to return them to their rightful resting place within Hath’s Stand, and protect those that rest in peace within the burial grounds. 


The Order of Hath’s Stand was founded shortly after the Second War, after Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance of Lordaeron. After the Kingdom was decimated by the Alliance for its treachery, and the nobles stripped of their claims — a monument was erected in honor of a great hero, General Hath. A man who placed the needs of humanity over any Kingdom, he broke his oath to King Perenolde, and aided the Alliance in their battle against the Orcish Hordes along with his men. For his defiance of treachery, he was honored, along with the men who died fighting beside him.

The Order of Hath’s Stand was formed from the Alteraci veterans who stood loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron to care for the monument, and recover their fallen brothers in arms to honor them with a proper burial at the memorial. The Order devoted itself to ensuring the well being of surviving veterans until their deaths. And for those who ventured far and wide – the men of Hath’s Stand went above and beyond to recover their bodies to allow them rest at the Stand.

As decades passed, the men grew old and died. While few Alteraci veterans of the Second War still stand, the ranks of the Order of Hath’s Stand dwindled to remnants. And soon, only a few older men remained to tend to the site. Left vulnerable, the Stand was assaulted by a remnant of the Burning Legion. Helpless, the last man of Hath’s Stand sent a plea for aid. 

And as war loomed between the Alliance and Horde, the men and women of the Alterac Silver Hand stood among the remnants of the Stand, and devoted themselves to upholding the old testament of purpose of the Order of Hath’s Stand. Donning new banners, they fulfill the purpose of the original order in the name of the Light to help return the souls of the fallen home, and protect those within the Stand, and to dispense justice and maintain honor as General Hath had.

The Holy Grounds

Preserve and Protect in the name of the Light

Eagle’s Perch

The Abbey of Eagle’s Perch is the Citrine Eagle’s place of worship within Talongrab Keep. The grounds are tended to by the Abbot of Eagle’s Perch, and their Clerics. Sermons, and studies are commonplace in the holy grounds closest to the Eagle’s home. The Abbey contains a library, a place for prayer, and the round table used for gatherings for the Order of Hath’s Stand.

Hath’s Stand

Hath’s Stand is the memorial burial site for Alteraci veterans of the Second War who remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron. Made in honor of General Hath and his preservation of humanity over his own Kingdom, the memorial has stood for three decades as a hallmark to Alliance loyalty and devotion. And while most of the tenders to the grounds have long since died, the Citrine Eagle has taken up the cup to do so.

THE LeadersHIP


Chapter Master





As a member of the Order of Hath’s Stand, each man or woman is set upon a journey of spiritual enlightenment. Be it a fresh squire, or a seasoned cleric, reaching for greater potential in the Light’s path is a chance to be humbled, and earn spiritual clarity. Each Knight or Priest of the Order of Hath’s Stand is set along of a path of greater spiritual enlightenment.

For those who have not been canonized as a Knight, or Cleric, they begin their path as a Supplicant. The Aspirants, Squires, and Acolytes all follow along a similar path to ordination as defined by the orders Handbook for new members to its flock. The handbook can be found here, or by clicking the libram on the top right.

After a supplicant has become a Knight of the Silver Hand, or ordained Priest of Eagle’s Perch, they may begin to embark on the trials of Hath’s Stand. Success in each trial comes with an ascension in rank from Knight or Priest, to Templar, Champion, and Paragon. The trials encompass key aspects of the virtues of Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. They are detailed below. Each level ascension represents a rank in the Stormtalon Confederation. 


The Trial of Humility if a test of patience to help temper a humble spirit. After completing prerequisite tasks to preen them self for the trial, a subject is required to live a humble month — pure of indulgences for an entire month.

  • They will move into the Keep Barracks.
  • They will eat simple foods.
  • They will perform their duties with simple clothes and tools that fit the situation. Exceptions can be made for extreme circumstances, and depending on the danger.
  • While in not in combat, they are expected to wear simple clothing.
  • They will not drink alcoholic beverages.
  • They will perform menial tasks in and around the town, accomplishing a total of thirty hours community service by the end of their month.
  • If approached for assistance, they must accept within reason. These acts will count towards their thirty hour community service requirement.
  • They will always be polite and Courteous.


The Trial of Valor is a test of mettle when presented with great adversity. Those who complete the prerequisite tasks to embark on this journey will be assigned to kill a great beast of burden. A mighty dragon, a ferocious beast that terrorizes the lands, or even conquer a small army to redeem an oppressed people. The task will be assigned by the upper echelon of the Order.

The subject must recruit a small task force for the journey, along with the taskmaster who assigned the trial, which they will lead into battle. The subject may either act valorously in the face of adversity — or inspire their party to fight on and invoke their tenacity. The party must kill the entity assigned to them.

  • The party must travel by foot, or ground mount.
  • The party must use arms and armaments with no enchantments.
  • The party may not use subterfuge or dishonorable tactic to kill their assigned target.
  • The party can be no larger than 4 people, including the taskmaster.
  • The participating taskmaster may fail the group if they do not see the execution of the task as a testament to valor.


The final trial for those who seek to take up a special position in the ranks of the Talonguard. While this position is reserved for those most deserving, those who are deemed worthy are assigned the Trial of Marcy to free themselves of suffering.

The subject taking on the Trial of Mercy is at the mercy of the Order of Hath’s Stand as a council. Once called upon, they will convene in Eagle’s Perch Abbey to listen to the subject. In that gathering, the subject taking this trial will proverbially prostrate themselves before the council. An Inquisitor will be present to help draw out the truth from the subject, and they will confess to the council.

They will be compelled to tell the Order of their greatest faults, and times where they contributed to inflicting great suffering upon others. As well as their darkest secrets. 

To this, the Order of Hath’s Stand shall question the subject, and in doing so, assign them a penance to rectify these past mistakes, and perhaps even delve into the places they caused this suffering to relive, and make up for their mistakes. Completing this penance means they have succeeded in the trial. 

The trials, and learner’s paths are intertwined into the Stormtalon rankings with their own unique terms. In the Order of Hath’s Stand they are termed Supplicant, Knights and Priests, the Templar, Champions, and the Paragons. For specific details on how to ascend through the hierarchy of the Order of Hath’s Stand, follow the link below.

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