Taking your first steps into the Citrine Eagle is the most important step for a successful time within the guild. And if you’re reading this, you might have just joined. If so, welcome to the guild! This guideline is made to aid you in navigating your way around the guild in-character, and out-of-character.

In this guideline you will find the main steps to getting involved with the guild, and any references you might need so you know who to go to with questions.  

If you have any questions about the contents of the handbook, or questions about out-of-character information about progressing in the guild, feel free to contact an officer.


Upon entering the Citrine Eagle, and after being greeted by the welcome wagon, you’ll be given access to a few resources. When your application is accepted, you gain access to the guilds forums, where you’re free to browse and post what you like. You also gain access to the guild’s Discord server. A link to the Discord can be found in the guild’s Message of the Day, as well as the Guild Information section in-game. 

After your interview has concluded, your character will have the chance to request a tour of the Eagle’s holdings, or will be advised to reach out to the Order’s Justicar, Shindo Malphur (Shindo). The Justicar is the main contact for any new member, and can help get you acquainted with what we have to offer!

By joining the Citrine Eagle, you have also agreed to our terms and policies to maintain a healthy enviorment for everyone. We suggest taking a look ar our Rules and Policies if you have not already, they are important. 




The guild’s Discord server is one of the most important features for getting in-contact with others, socializing, and keeping up-to-date with guild events and news.

When you enter the Discord, simply mention it to one of the Discord staff members for our server. We’ll be able to give you the member rank, and edit your name to match your in-game name so everyone knows who you are. Feel free to chat as much as you like! The Information channel will have everything you need to know about the Discord server.

The Discord hosts a few channels especially for members, including a place to share ideas, character art, and even an entire category devoted to out-of-game text-based roleplay and story writing

The roleplay category is open to any members who would like to utilize them. There is also a dice bot on-hand for anyone looking to add flavor to their roleplay in discord with rolls or DnD styled mechanics.   


A hallmark of personal progression in the Citrine Eagle, the Citrine Dice system allows you to make a customized statistics sheet that best fits your character. Over time, it also allows you to make choices and earn items you see as fitting for your character.

By attending events and participating in guild activities, you’ll be able to earn Badges of Triumph to purchase items from the Armory to modify your character.

Upon entering the guild, you’ll be able to participate in a personal orientation to the system with one of our officers upon request. To learn more, follow the link below!

If you are joining the guild just before an event is starting, and you are invited along, don’t worry! We suggest using the basic structure of the D20 system for a first event in these cases. Feel free to ask for assistance during an event.



The three major paths of the Citrine Eagle set the basis for future roleplay after you are promoted from the rank of Snowcap. These are the unique avenues of roleplay offered to help earn rank and status in the Citrine Eagle. We highly suggest to learn more about each of the three major paths within the guild. Listed below are brief descriptions of each one, and reliable contacts to inquire about each. 

The Icewing Brigade is a band of Alliance war-dogs who act as the Order’s major front against the Horde within Alterac.
Contacts: Alteracian, and Glycerine

The Aerie Association is a magics group based on research, relic hunting, and magical law within Alterac.
Contacts: Erinali, and Valantus

The Order of Hath’s Stand is the regional holy order within the Citrine Eagle to help train and teach those faithful in the Holy Light.
Contacts: Zaria, and Shindomaru



New Eagles are placed in the Snowcap rank and are expected to do several things before being considered for Promotion out of the rank and able to choose a Division. This is the time to show everyone who your character is and what they are made of!


New Eagles are expected to be as active as they can manage. We all know real life comes before the game and roleplay, and respect that. All we want to see is that you are doing your best to meet the Eagles and make yourself known to us all, to do your best to make events and participate in them, and to come out with us when we’re not at events, just spending time with us in-character, and even participating in some out-of character fun!


Meeting your new allies can help create bonds for your character, establishing them in our ranks and make new friends! We implore you to reach out to the other members and speak to them both in-character and out-of-character so this may happen. We hope to see everyone on the same page and having a good time as friends.


We expect new Eagles to follow the rules set in place both in and out-of-character. In-character, broken rules will have in-character consequences, of course, but if the character becomes more of a nuisance than actually learning to follow the rules, they will likely be discharged from the Citrine Eagle. Out-of-character, we expect the same, and are more adamant on players following the rules in this case and will only speak to them regarding rule-breaking a set number of times before considering their removal from the guild (see our Three Strikes Policy).

Once we see that you’ve been as active as you could be and still manage to make yourself known and participate both in-event and out, the Snowcap will be considered for a promotion to choose a Division that best suits their character.


The Snowcap Handbook is an in-character reference material for new members on their journey with the Citrine Eagle. It details some of the most important information for new members to help them work their way towards their promotion. You character should have received a copy of this handbook along with the rest of their parcel when they entered the guild. If your character did not, they’re free to pick up a free copy in Talongrab Keep. 

This page contains a full set of pages within the Order’s handbook. Feel free to use this page as a reference resource when needed. Or, there is a downloadable version of this document that can be found by clicking the button below.  If you or your character have any questions about the contents of the handbook, feel free to ask an officer!

The Snowcap Handbook Link



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