The Icewing Brigade is the military section within The Citrine Eagle. Where men and women of all backgrounds and specialties can meet and assist for the greater good of Alterac. It is where someone can push their mettle to the very limits, and end up basking in the fruits of their hard work and devotion. The Brigade is as much a band of brothers and sisters as it is a military with a formal hierarchy.

From the scout, to the warrior on the front lines, and the operator of Siege tanks; it is the place to be for the hardest of people and the ones that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the trenches. The Brigade champions three Core Pillars: Courage, Unity, and Discipline.


The Grand Alliance Army was first formed under the banners of the Alliance of Lordaeron as a means to combat the oncoming tides of the Orcish Horde. In this Alliance, Alterac, ruled by a man who would betray those he swore his loyalty to, and shock the generals of the armies of his homeland. One man in particular, General Hath, saw the treachery of the Alteraci king and offered to allow the Alliance of Lordaeron to have vengeance against the traitor king.

Now, the Icewing Brigade takes the place of the Alterac Army of old, and without a Kingdom to serve, the armies of Alterac serve as a paramilitary force only sanctioned by the citizens of Alterac for their protection and well being. With the Brigade having endured through the hardships of the Alterac Mountains from their inception as the Snowcap Brigade, and later the Icewing Legion —  the Brigade has gained its stride and noteriety from exemplary service to the people of Talongrab in the name of the Alliance. 

As protectors of the people of Talongrab, and those who venture so far out to forge a new life for themselves, the Brigade offers its prowess to ensure the people of Talongrab are safe while the Citrine Eagle is away, and help to better protect the order while it is within its walls. 




The scouts, marksmen, and assassins of the Brigade. Operating in small teams, the Rangers pave the way for their allies and go where others cannot. To the pioneer, the lone wolf, and the shrewd–they may find a home in the Rangers. They represent the Pillar of Courage.


The soldiers who fight on the frontline. These are shocktroopers and cavalry units. They strike first, and they strike hard. The Vanguard values comradery beyond all others, as their survival is dependent on their ability to function as a unit. They represent the Pillar of Unity.


The Mechanized have as much a bond with each other as they do their machines. They have the mettle to inherit the tremendous responsibility of piloting and innovating Brigade war machines, each one capable of awe-inspiring destruction. They represent the Pillar of Discipline.





The foundation of a powerful army

While the Icewing Brigade follows the structure of the Stormtalon Confederation, the most important aspect of a strong military is its chain of command. The Icewing Brigade rank structure consists of several ranks duplicated across the three arms of the Brigade.

All members of the Icewing Brigade begin at the rank of Prospect, and for a short period of time are evaluated based on their performance within the Brigade. After they have met the expectations of Icewing Command, they are given the chance to take an oath and be inducted into the ranks of the Sworn, where their journey in the Icewing Brigade may truly begin.


The first step for anyone joining the Brigade. A Prospect determines which Unit they would like to join, and are then assigned a Veteran member to oversee their progression. After the Prospect has spent some time with their allies in and out of battle, they may take a Proving–an often dangerous task that represents the core values of the Icewing Brigade.


Once a Prospect has completed their Proving and takes an oath to the Brigade, the are promoted to the rank of Sworn, the mainstay of the Icewing Brigade. A Sworn soldier of the Brigade has earned the full respect of their peers and can be counted on for special tasks in addition to the already great demands of an Alterac soldier.


A Sworn who grows a long service record may become a candidate for Veterancy. Veterans are the finest examples of a Unit’s core tenant and proven leaders in their own right. Veterans are responsible for supporting their Captains in duties passed down to them and serving as the gatekeepers to individual Prospects in their units, giving them advice and leading them to the path of the Sworn.


A Captain is seen as the Paragon of their Unit’s core tenant. They are a part of the Icewing War Council and oversee every facet of their Unit. In addition to running their Unit, Captains weigh in on all matters concerning the Icewing Brigade at large. Captains can accept oaths, run meetings, Provings, and ultimately decide the direction of their Unit.

Lieutenant commander

Handpicked by the Commander, this individual is a functioning officer of the guild and inherits all of the responsibilities expected of an officer. They do not belong to a single unit, but help the Commander oversee the Brigade as a whole. The Lieutenant Commander is selected from one of the current roster of Captains.

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