Tonight, the Matriarch has treated everyone attending to a meal of roasted pork, deviled eggs, baked port tatos, and peach cobbler.

- Marshal Blackmoore started off by addressing the state of the meeting hall after recent events. Repairs are in order; she also asked for opinions on replacing the older statues with more meaningful ones. Lieutenant Haraford and Valantus Feust were suggested.

- We still work to hunt the individuals responsible for the attack on Talongrab. Nothing more was mentioned on this topic.

- The corruption spreading through the Bearlands has been halted after the defeat of a dastardly enemy in a crypt. Abbess Argent mentioned that the crypt/facility caved in and is now sealed. Efforts to hunt down the ones responsible has led us to a group called the "White Lion Trading Company" in Boralus. The Eagles plan to depart for there soon enough to deal with the issue. Sergeant Gorewalker suggested to have guards stop all caravans at checkpoints to make sure there is not another outbreak. The Matriarch also hopes finding the company will lead us to an artifact mentioned by some magical cube held by the Aerie.

- Silvwin was congratulated on her wonderful job at planning the recent joust! It went well, and one of the Eagles even managed to claim the runner-up position. Scribbled in afterwards is the name Gilles Torquesinger Rosswald mentioned that this event has helped keep us in touch and stay close to our southern friends. The writer agrees!

- The Matriarch mentioned that the gates and towers are still in repair due to the attacks and encouraged the attending Eagles to reach out and volunteer their time and some elbow-grease in helping with the repairs. Sergeant Gorewalker, acting in Captain Turock's stead, volunteered some guards to help with the efforts.

- Captain Jensen Carver spoke about a mission he has been planning since the events involving Durnholde. Following dialogue is verbatim:

""Thank you Matriarch. Eagles, as I have brought up in the past, we lost a valued piece of technology during our siege in Hillsbrad. Haraford's Heart. The details have all been gathered. I have calculated everything we might need to get it back here. I still need to speak with Captain Wright on some stuff, but in the general, we are just in preparation phases now and I plan to have the tank back in the city by the end of next week. I welcome all of you to come help with the recovery, seeing as the battlefields out there might have some lingering threats."

Many people volunteered to help with this, Miss Whisper even mentioning getting in contact with a one 'Fjord Aurinson' to ask him for his help in the matter. I do hope this operation goes well.

- Justicar Malphur has returned to Talongrab, and spoke of the threats of highwaymen and opportunists waiting alongside Alterac's roads for passing travelers. He recommends that travelers do not go alone, and for the Eagles to escort any acquaintances that may find themselves this far north for their own safety.

- The Matriarch spoke on the Tournament of Ages, which is coming up soon, the first full week of August. There are many activities for fun to sign up for, and many more prizes to go to the winners and runner-ups. The Eagles were encouraged to sign up. (I think I might, for something, though I have already volunteered to help with our booth. Very excited!) Questions about the Tournament can be directed to the Marshal herself.

- The anniversary of the Eagles is arriving soon, nearly a week after the Tournament. While the Citrine Eagle will have lasted for five years, its independence will have spanned a full four. 

- The attendees were informed/reminded that yesterday was Captain Al Wright's birthday. Happy birthday, Al!!! Kathfizzle's birthday is coming up this weekend, and she has invited the Eagles to celebrate with her in Feralas at the steam pools resort.

- The monthly Citrine Eagle bonfire is in a couple weeks (Sunday, the 28th of July). Last months event was a pet battle tournament, but this month's is a sparring tournament! The attendees were informed they should use non-fatal weapons. The Marshal mentioned the option of inviting an allying group, but it is unknown as of yet.

- There are two new Eagles attending tonight's call: Amideus Cervantes and Raithel Solspark. Welcome to these two! 

- Three Snowcaps received promotions tonight: Laralle Wiltweed, Ynett Fulter, and William Truehelm! Congratulations to these three on doing such a good job.

- Hath's Stand had some acknowledgements for the night. Mother Kollis Argent has taken on the position of Abbess of Eagle's Perch, pro-tempore for a month's time. Light willing, she will then be formally promoted through ceremony. Congratulations, Abbess Argent! Dame Silvwin Andervell is currently partaking in her Trial of Humility, and later this week on Friday, Squire Veliuss Belmonte will be partaking in his Trial of Tenacity. Good luck to both of them! Also, Mother Livian Varen (me) took notes for this call tonight in hopes to be the Scribe for Hath's Stand.

- Commander Allysia Ragewrench was asked to speak on happenings with the Icewing Brigade. She made sure to recap on what Captain Carver had talked about earlier in the Call regarding the operation to recover the lost tank. 

- There has not been much in the ways of promotions for the Aerie Association, but the magi of the Citrine Eagle are recognized for their continuous efforts to aid us.

- Captain Al Wright announced some promotions for those of the Medical team. Abbess Argent has been chosen for the open Captain position of Battlefield medic. Medic Tion Harrowmire was recognized and promoted to the rank of Senior Medic. Nurse Eden Mabry, Nurse Silvwin Andervell and Nurse Livian Varen were all promoted to the rank of Medic. Congratulations to the others for their hard work!

With everything covered, the Call was adjourned.