The first step in treading a new path with the Citrine Eagle, Snowcap is a term for a novice member of the Citrine Eagle, fresh, and green. A Snowcap enjoys the opportunity to explore each of the unique paths the Citrine Eagle has to offer its members for their enrichment; The Icewing Brigade, The Aerie Association, and the Order of Hath's Stand.

Once these new members have proven themselves worthy in the Citrine Eagle through dedicated service, and exemplary behavior, they are inducted into a path of their choosing, and may begin climbing the ranks into greatness. The path ahead is your own to forge.

The Mountain Born Paths

Each path of the Citrine Eagle represents an aspect of the people that call Alterac home. Valor, wisdom, and loyalty are essential if one is to survive in a land that is unkind to the cowardly, ignorant, and treacherous. An Eagle will choose a path true to themselves as each one contains many trials for them to face and overcome.  Those who succeed exemplify the best of Alterac - they are Mountain Born.


The Holy Order of Hath’s Stand is a Light-sworn order of Paladins and Priests from the Alterac Mountains devoted to the preservation of Hath’s Stand; a memorial cemetery made for fallen Alteraci who remained loyal to the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. Hath’s Stand acts as the icon of faith to the Order as they set out to undo the embrace of evil from the reaches of the world on a Light blessed call. The Order devotes itself to upholding the tenets of the Holy Light in all aspects as they aid the Citrine Eagle in defending pioneers within Alterac, and dispense justice to the perils that wander within the Mountains.

Comprised of the Alterac Silver Hand, and the Clerics of Eagle’s Perch, the Order acts as the foundation of faith within Alterac.


The Aerie Association is the governing body of magical regulation and practice within the Citrine Eagle. Charged with the procurement and protection of any magical items that might come up during the organization’s ventures, its membership is comprised of a gamut of magical backgrounds and devotes itself to the understanding of all aspects of Azeroth’s magics. While there are many other organizations with similar purposes, the Aerie Association seeks to apply this knowledge towards building a brighter future for Alterac.

Built upon a firm foundation of all things magical in nature, the bright minds of the Aerie Association are guided by curiosity as they fulfill the role of the Citrine Eagle’s primary expeditionary force in ventures outside of the Eastern Kingdoms.


The Icewing Brigade is the Citrine Eagle’s most powerful asset in the war against the Horde. They are the defenders of the homefront in Alterac, and stand as the first line of defense in the name of the people of Talongrab. In doing so, they also represent the Citrine Eagle’s closest ties to the Alliance military from the south. They host any capable fighters, and train citizens to better protect and serve the pioneers of Alterac.

From the scout, to the warrior on the front lines, and the operator of Siege tanks; it is the place to be for the hardiest of people and the ones that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the trenches. 

A Duty of Care

When the worst happens in the field or at home and allies are injured Citrine Medical is on the job. They are the ones who will triage and mend the Eagles who have been injured. Healers, Doctors, and those who simply wish to lend aid as a Nurse are free to join Citrine Medical to help other Eagles get back on their feet. From minor injuries to life saving surgeries Citrine Medical handles it all.

This is but one of many specialty jobs that an Eagle can hold within Talongrab. Whether serving food and drink at the Perch, or serving as a delegate of the Citrine Eagle on official matters, there are many opportunities for freeform roleplaying within the Eagles. Jobs are open to all Eagles and unlike paths are not restricted to one per character.

Ranks of Command

Regardless of the path an Eagle has chosen, they all operate under the same command structure. From new Snowcaps to the Commanders of the Citrine Eagle everyone has a rank. These ranks allow Eagles privileges for their valor, enables them to share wisdom with newer members, and signifies their loyalty to the mission of the Citrine Eagle in making Alterac a better place for all.

    Once a Snowcap has been properly initiated into the Citrine Eagle after their first month they will attain the rank of Private. It comes with the following privileges and responsibilities:

    - Choice of a Path.
    - Ability to wear Citrine Eagle colors.
    - Assist and mentor Snowcaps.
    - Access to first empowered trait.
    - +1 Stat Point

    Path Rank Variants: Supplicant, Inducted, Private

    Once a Private has proven themselves within the starting steps of their chosen path they will attain the rank of Corporal. It comes with the following privileges and responsibilities:

    - All privileges and responsibilities of the Private rank.
    - May correct behavior of lower ranking members.
    - More likely to be chosen for specialized missions.
    - May submit and lead Task Board missions with permission from a Commander.
    - +1 Stat Point and second empowered trait.

    Path Rank Variants: Sworn, Associate, Spellshield, Corporal

    The rank of Sergeant is attained after showing that one is an example of the best of their chosen path. Sergeant rank Eagles exemplify what it means to be of Alterac. It comes with the following privileges and responsibilities:

    - All privileges and responsibilities of the Corporal rank.
    - May lead missions without explicit permission.
    - May dispense physical training as punishment to lower ranks.
    - Access to third and final empowered trait.
    - +1 Stat Point

    Path Rank Variants: Templar, Aegis, Magus, Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant

    Lieutenant rank Eagles have reached the peak of their path. Serving as examples for lower ranked members they have earned their rank by showing valor, wisdom, and loyalty in all they do. It comes with the following privileges and responsibilities:

    - All privileges and responsibilities of the Sergeant rank.
    - May arrest and detain unruly members for the Talonguard and Commanders.
    - Implement officer orders on the battlefield.
    - More likely to be appointed as a liaison on behalf of the Citrine Eagle on foreign matters.

    Path Rank Variants: Champion, Spellmaster, Inquirer, Lieutenant 

    The Talonguard are officer level Eagles. They are assigned special duties and tasked based on the command of their path. If the commander of the path is not present the authority and power of that division is deferred to them. It comes with the following privileges and responsibilities:

    - Ascension into the Talonguard.
    - Lead Paths when Commanders are not present.
    - Assist in interviewing new recruits.
    - Moderate OOC guild channels.
    - Assist in all OOC Matters.

    Path Rank Variants: Paragon, Magistrate, Praetor, Lieutenant Col.

    The Vanguard consists of the commanders of each division. they are assigned the duty of tending to their respective division to ensure its members are properly situated. when present they take command on the battlefield and direct operations pertinent to the protection of Alterac. They possess all of the Privileges and responsibilities of every lower rank, and their power is entrusted to them by the Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle.

    Path Rank Variants: Chapter Master, Archon, Commander, Justicar