Since the fall of the Kingdom of Alterac, the lands have been plagued with turmoil from various factions claiming the lands since King Aiden Perenolde’s treachery. But with the efforts of the Citrine Eagle fighting under the banner of a pretender, they were subject to the tyrant Kings rule. Bending a knee to a man who shrugged off responsibility to indulge in his own worldly desires, and forced others to act upon his hatreds. Burdens fell upon these tempered tossed as time and time again their supposed King failed them. But one day, it would all change. Unfit to rule he was, and the lawmen of Alterac deemed his claim to the throne illegitimate.

Though this would not stop the tyrant, forcing others into a civil war that rocked the lands of Alterac, but — only briefly. For soon the Paladin order rose up, gaining favor within the lands of the misbegotten souls plunged into civil war and took in those who would rally under a new banner. But not only Paladins directed this new beginning. From all walks of life in the mountains, the soldiers and priests, mages and druids banded together in a union. Guided by the Light and Virtue, the men and women of the Citrine Eagle united the pioneers within Alterac to spark a new dawn. Unified under one banner, the heralds of a new age sought to rectify the mistakes beset upon them by their old leader.

With their new position within the lands of Alterac, the Citrine Eagle host any who would heed the call to the Alterac Mountains. From the Valley, to the City, the Citrine Eagle fight on to create a foothold for the Alliance in the northern reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms.


Make sure you've read over our guild rules, roleplay guidelines, and in-character guidelines before continuing onto the application. The guild has a lot to offer both new and experienced roleplayers. The resources below will help you decide whether or not we would be a good fit for your character.

Be thorough when filling out the application since it is the most important part to your entry. We look for well written, and well thought out responses to each application question. A little humor never hurt anyone either.

Most applications will be reviewed within two days. Once reviewed and approved a letter will be sent to the character you applied for. If we can’t find your name in-game, we will add you to battle tag to ensure we can reach you.

An in-character interview will be conducted with a designated officer or representative of the guild once your application has been looked over. They will approve or deny your character based on merit, and whether or not your character would fit well within the guilds atmosphere.

The interviewer will invite you to the guild upon approval, and provide your character with a parcel of basic necessities such as the guild tabard, and a guild communications device! The welcome wagon will say their hellos in /g when you enter!

Essential First Steps

Upon entering the Citrine Eagle, you’ll be given access to a few resources. Your character will have the chance to request a tour of the Eagle’s holdings, or will be advised to reach out to the Order’s Justicar, Shindo Malphur (Shindo). The Justicar is the main contact for any new member, and can help get you acquainted with what we have to offer!


New Eagles are placed in the Snowcap rank and are expected to do several things before being considered for Promotion out of the rank and able to choose a Path. This is the time to show everyone who your character is and what they are made of!


New Eagles are expected to be as active as they can manage. We all know real life comes before the game and roleplay, and respect that. All we want to see is that you are doing your best to meet the Eagles and make yourself known to us all, to do your best to make events and participate in them, and to come out with us when we’re not at events, just spending time with us in-character, and even participating in some out-of character fun!


Meeting your new allies can help create bonds for your character, establishing them in our ranks and make new friends! We implore you to reach out to the other members and speak to them both in-character and out-of-character so this may happen. We hope to see everyone on the same page and having a good time as friends.


We expect new Eagles to follow the rules set in place both in and out-of-character. In-character, broken rules will have in-character consequences, of course, but if the character becomes more of a nuisance than actually learning to follow the rules, they will likely be discharged from the Citrine Eagle. Out-of-character, we expect the same, and are more adamant on players following the rules in this case and will only speak to them regarding rule-breaking a set number of times before considering their removal from the guild (see our Three Strikes Policy).
Once we see that you’ve been as active as you could be and still manage to make yourself known and participate both in-event and out, the Snowcap will be considered for a promotion to choose a Path that best suits their character.


As a Snowcap you will gain access to the guild’s Discord server. A link to the Discord can be found in the guild’s Message of the Day, as well as the Guild Information section in-game. We recommend reading up on the Citrine Dice system and the Paths if you haven't yet. Any officer in the directory at the bottom of the page can help you if necessary, so feel free to reach out in-game or on Discord!


The guild’s Discord server is one of the most important features for getting in-contact with others, socializing, and keeping up-to-date with guild events and news. When you enter the Discord, simply mention it to one of the Discord staff members for our server. We’ll be able to give you the member rank, and edit your name to match your in-game name so everyone knows who you are. Feel free to chat as much as you like! The Information channel will have everything you need to know about the Discord server.

Citrine Dice

A hallmark of personal progression in the Citrine Eagle, the Citrine Dice system allows you to make a customized statistics sheet that best fits your character. Over time, it also allows you to gain additional stat points and unlock traits that enhance your rolls.

Upon entering the guild, you’ll be able to participate in a personal orientation to the system with one of our officers upon request. To learn more, visit the D20 page!


The three major paths of the Citrine Eagle set the basis for future roleplay after you are promoted from the rank of Snowcap. These are the unique avenues of roleplay offered to help earn rank and status in the Citrine Eagle. We highly suggest to learn more about each of the three major paths within the guild. For more information, visit the Paths page!

Officer Directory

These are the current officers of the Citrine Eagle. Commanders and Talonguard will both be able to assist you with the application process or any questions that you may have once you've entered the ranks of the Citrine Eagle. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.
  • Zaria Blackmoore

    Matriarch of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Zaria
  • Shindo Malphur

    Justicar of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Shindomaru
  • Erinali Ainsworth

    Archon of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Erinali
  • Joseph Turock

    Commander of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Turock
  • Marielie Solnebren

    Archon of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Marielie
  • Ivelis Knapp

    High Inquisitor of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Knapp
  • Erin Tarinval

    Lt. Commander of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Tarinval
  • Valeria Gorewalker

    Lt. Commander of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Gorewalker
  • Eden Mabry

    Paragon of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Calenice
  • Davian Rosswald

    Paragon of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Rosswald
  • Al Wright

    Medical Chief of the Citrine Eagle
    In-Game Contact: Al