With the legacy of the now dead Kingdom of Alterac weighing heavy upon the Alterac Mountains, and the long war between the Frostwolf and Stormpike Clans the Alterac Mountains have become a place only situated for the most daring, and rugged. The Citrine Eagle is a group of pioneers who took to this challenging landscape to overcome the great adversity that lies within to forge a new dawn for would-be adventurers.

Surrounded by danger at all sides, the Citrine Eagle seeks to offer second chances and a new lease on life to those in need. They also press on to create a safe, and hospitable home for those who would desire such in the Northlands; from the exiled noble of Alterac looking for a shot at redemption for their motherlands, to those who seek to out a new destiny. In addition, through their struggles, they work to create a more capable and powerful fighting force under a single unified banner. 

Originally formed as the Holy Order of the Citrine Eagle, the Order has since expanded upon its bright legacy in order to bolster their forces, and use the Alterac Mountains to bring out the best in any that would seek to tame the rugged landscape.

Stationed within the Alterac Mountains, the Citrine Eagle is a group of frontiersman set on creating a new and better life in the harsh enviorment of Alterac.

No Kings. No Dynasties. Only Unity.